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What Group Text Messaging Can Mean To You

Group Texting and 2-Way Messaging The single biggest attraction for businesses to begin using text messaging as a marketing tool is the ability to send a single text message to hundreds or thousands of cell phone numbers all at once, versus sending individual messages one at a time. Without the capability of sending a single message to a large group of numbers, mobile marketing would never have come into existence.

Any kind of advertising is all about delivering your offer to as many prospects as possible in one concerted effort. Your newspaper ad lands on the front porch of all the subscribers. Your television or radio ad reaches all the viewers or listeners at the same time. Your direct mail campaign is placed in thousands of mailboxes on the same day. Your email blast goes to everyone's inbox instantly.

Now you can see why 2-way

group text messaging

has become a viable marketing medium. It also has the added advantage of including all of the other advertising media's individual advantages into one all-encompassing medium - visual (print ads), audio (radio), and video (television).

You, the business owner, benefit because...

Your offer goes to a large group of people instantly
Your message can include a combination of text, audio, and video
You see immediate results when people respond by replying
You can measure your ROI by keeping track of the number of people who redeem your coupon/offer at the POS
Sales can happen within minutes or hours vs days, weeks, or even months after a traditional campaign

How does all this happen?

It's all a fairly simple and uncomplicated process. First, you build a group of contacts that you want to send your message to. That's done in three ways. If you have an existing list of contacts, you can upload them to your online database that we provide. You can add a web widget to your website that allows people to enter their information and join your group. And finally, you ask people to join your group by texting a word you choose, called a , to a number like 41242, called a short code.

Now you're ready to send your message. You compose the message within your account, and we send it to all of the major U.S. wireless carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, and they transmit it to everyone in your group, who receive it in minutes.

When the individuals in your group, whether it's 100 people or 10,000 people, open their message and read it, they have the option to reply. If they reply, that message will be delivered to your account inbox, and you have just completed a 2-way group text messaging operation.

Although we've been primarily discussing advertising/marketing applications here, there are other applications as well. Large churches use this service to send announcements and daily prayers to their congregations or youth groups. Colleges and public schools are using this technology to send emergency alerts and other announcements to the whole student body at once. News organizations, sports teams, weather services, political groups, charities, and many other types of organizations are finding that group texting can be of great benefit to them in a variety of ways.

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