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How Mobile Surveys and Voting Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Mobile Surveys/Voting One of the best ways to know how to better serve your customers and clients is by getting feedback from them. This is usually accomplished with a survey or a vote. That means that you will most likely be using the telephone, direct mail, or email, telephone to gather the data, and only after you tally the votes, will you see the results.

Text messaging has changed the game. Research shows that 85% of people over the age of 15 carry their cell phone with them at all times. That means that businesses large or small can do mobile surveys in real time and get instant results. You're no longer restricted to direct mail, email, or the telephone.

Armed with the tools to conduct mobile surveys and text voting gives you the ability to get access to valuable demographic data about your customers and clients. By allowing them to express their preferences, you can now shape your marketing campaigns to their likes and dislikes.

Using mobile surveys to gather pertinent data isn't limited to businesses,

it can include a broad spectrum of organizations -

Political Campaigns
Professional Associations

Surveys allow you to send out a set of related questions. This can be designed to gather information about your customers' experience in your business, or their preferences.

A voting text is a little different. It is a message that asks a user to provide feedback or reply with a choice of several options. After the recipients reply with their responses, they can then be further targeted with follow up messages. They can even be segmented into Groups based on their choices.

Text Message Voting:

INSTRUCTIONS: Text MIKES to 41242 to vote for your favorite Barbecue Sauce!

Frank's Pizza wants to know your favorite sauce.
Reply A, B, C or D.
A) Plain
B) Moderate
C) Spicy
D) Flame Burner

THANK YOU TEXT: Thank you for participating. Pls show this message next time you eat here and receive a free beverage with our meal. Code: OCT#9

To better illustrate the differences and help you understand how

mobile surveys

and voting works, here's an example of each:

A Mobile Survey:

INSTRUCTIONS: Text MIKES to 41242 to take a quick survey and receive coupon at end

WELCOME TEXT: Thank you for dining at Mike's Barbecue. Please tell us about your experience by answering 3 questions. Receive a coupon for participating! REPLY STOP TO QUIT.

Q1 of 3: How often do you eat here? A) DAILY, B) WEEKLY, C) MONTHLY, D) FIRST TIME

Q2 of 3: How would you rate the food? A) EXCELLENT, B) GOOD, C) AVERAGE, D) BELOW AVERAGE, E) POOR

Q3 of 3: How was the service? A) EXCELLENT, B) GOOD, C) OK, D) BAD

THANK YOU TEXT: Thank you for participating. Pls show this message next time you eat here and receive a free beverage with your meal. Code: OCT#9

Mobile surveys and voting can provide extremely valuable information - just look at how polls are used in the political arena. When taken seriously and used wisely, the results should translate straight to your bottom line. Whether you need to get your business out of a slump, you want to expand, or you just want to make more sales - text messaging is a very cost-effective way to help you accomplish those goals.

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